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Moments and experiences come and go so quickly, and often we fail to see them for their value in our lives. We don’t take time to ponder them and take a second look at them. I believe to find the wonder in the world, we should be taking a second look at simple things. That’s what I like to blog about – those plain, every-day, nondescript moments that can delight us if we but look.

Traditions Tie Us Together

It was the Christmas of 2013, and we knew it would be the last Christmas in our house of twenty-six years. We had purchased a place out in the Texas Hill Country as part of our plan to downsize and lead a simpler, quieter life outside the noise of the city, and we were preparing…


Father’s Day Remembrance

As Father’s Day approaches, I’ve been thinking more than usual about Daddy. I have read that a child gets her perception of God and how to relate to God from her father. And the child gets her perception of others and how to relate to them from her mother. There is much truth in those…


What Makes You Raise Your Eyebrows?

Forgive me for what might be perceived as nonsense, but I had to tell somebody. A few days ago, I posted a question on Facebook asking my friends to explain this new eyebrow thing to me. I mentioned that up until recently, eyebrows gently framed the eyes, and now, they seem to enter the room…



Seems Christmas is the season for listing making – the list for Santa, shopping lists, to-do lists, grocery lists, and Christmas card lists. I am a list-maker from way back, and do I have a list! At the risk of being accused of stepping onto my soapbox, I have made a list of a few…


The Unexpected Making of New Friend

I’d really like to give you a bit of the inside picture into the writer’s life. Writers have challenges and creative opportunities along the way in writing the story and in the process of getting a book into the hands of a reader. After the manuscript is completed and off to the publisher, then the…