The Christmas Portrait

An inspirational novel by Phyllis Clark Nichols
The first book in the Family Portrait series

When a young patient grieving the death of her sister recognizes the man in a portrait hanging in her office, Dr. Kate Harding, an art therapist and licensed clinician, is startled but not entirely surprised. The face in the painting takes her back twenty years to snow-covered Cedar Falls, Kentucky—and to her first Christmas without her mother.

As Christmas approached, young Kate struggled to adjust to life’s changes following the death of her mother. When a conversation with Granny Grace convinced Kate that there was Christmas in heaven, she was determined to get her mother a present, a special gift that would make her mother happy forever. No one could tell Kate how to get her gift to heaven—not her daddy, not Uncle Luke the medical student, not Aunt Susannah Hope, and not even Pastor Simmons who she was most certain would have the answer. But Kate devises and executes a Christmas Eve plan that forever impacts her life. Kate’s Christmas is filled with surprises—taking in a runaway girl, a tender exchange of Christmas presents, a meeting with the mysterious Mister Josh, and finally, an astonishing family Christmas portrait.

The Christmas Portrait – trailer

Praise for The Christmas Portrait

“Uplifting tale … warm hearts.”

Abraham Verghese, MDBest-selling author of CUTTING FOR STONE
Christmas in heaven: what an image of the best Christmas ever! Only a little child—and Phyllis Nichols—could lead us there.”

Diane Komp, MDBest-selling author of A Window to Heaven and The Healer’s Heart
“Masterful. Artfully poignant.”

Brad RussellFounder and Senior Editor –
“One of life’s greatest tragedies is when a young person is forced to endure the loss of a parent.
In The Christmas Portrait, Phyllis Nichols gives us a heartwarming glimpse into the mind and life of a young girl who must make this painful transition. The story of how she manages to find her way through the sorrow and emerge with a strengthened faith in God and family is both fulfilling and emotional. This really is a remarkable book, one that challenges the reader to make each moment in life count and to work each day to bring a smile to someone’s face.
Life is complicated, filled with distractions that compete for our time and attention. Phyllis Nichols gives us a chance to pause and consider what really matters in life: family, friends, faith, and yes, contentment. I can’t say enough about how powerful this story is and how well-written. I highly recommend it. Read it And then read it again.”

Bill AiryChief Strategy Officer, LeSEA Broadcasting Corporation
“I commend the book for its shimmering beauty, its perceptive wisdom about human brokenness, and its unyielding faith in the promise of the future.”

Molly Marshall, PhDPresident Central Baptist Theological Seminary
“Timeless adventure …”

Jeannette Clift Georgeactress as Corrie Ten Boom in THE HIDING PLACE

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