The Birthday Portrait

An inspirational novel by Phyllis Clark Nichols
The second book in the Family Portrait series

In this second book of The Family Portrait series, Kate’s eleventh birthday is approaching.

She fears no one will remember her tradition of dressing up in her mother’s heirloom wedding gown for her birthday portrait. She grieves that their handprints won’t be on the back of the birthday photograph, and there’ll be no special letter from her mother to go in her Book of My Life this year. Precocious Kate gets a few more life’s-not-always-fair lessons as she struggles and finds the courage to ask the hard questions about life.

A divinely-appointed encounter with the mysterious and elusive Mr. Josh aids in her dilemma but requires of her an innocent faith that will satisfy her deepest questions, will raise a few more, and will change her life forever. Kate’s story is the story of a family—a story blending joy and sorrow, death and new life, the joys and hope that children bring, the wisdom elders offer, the value of family traditions, and the mystery of life that remains unanswered.


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