Phyllis' Blog

Moments and experiences come and go so quickly, and often we fail to see them for their value in our lives. We don’t take time to ponder them and take a second look at them. I believe to find the wonder in the world, we should be taking a second look at simple things. That’s what I like to blog about – those plain, every-day, nondescript moments that can delight us if we but look.

Prayer Alerts

The greatest gifts I have received in my life were not the ones delivered in shiny boxes with velvet bows, but they came with faces and hands and voices and…


Just Mop It

Have you ever put off a bad job? Or just delayed it as long as you could? Or maybe you’ve even put off something you wanted to do far too…


Dirty Floors

My honking Egyptian geese are still with me, honking early and sometimes late, and continually leaving me not-so-little “gifts” on the porch and sidewalk. How lovely of them! When I…


Ain’t My Duck

I was visiting with a dear, dear friend a while back – a friend who is gathering quite a collection of ducks – ceramic ducks, wooden ducks, pictures of ducks…