Christmas at Bar Haven

Debuted October 31, 2023

Amazon’s #1 Contemporary Literature & Fiction

Will there be another Christmas miracle?

In the coastal marshlands of Georgia where the intriguing Geechee people call home, Bar Haven is a quaint seaside community where everyone counts, and neighbors take care of each other. The town folks have been busy for months with plans and preparations for Bar Haven’s legendary Christmas festivities. Everything is set. Almost everything . . .

The O’Hara family, third-generation residents of a sprawling seaside home, are all wrapped up in Bar Haven’s Christmas celebrations. But in preparing their home for Christmas, Jillian O’Hara finds a remarkable treasure in the carriage house. What will her startling discovery mean for the O’Hara family?

Meanwhile, three hours away in Jacksonville, Anna Beth is facing Christmas alone as a hopeless and desperate single mother. In the midst of making a soul-wringing decision that will change her life and those around her forever, Anna Beth is confronted by a stranger who directs her to Bar Haven where begins a series of unexpected and surprising events.

Five-year old freckle-faced Riley will make you chuckle. Irma’s Geechee Chicken bog will make you hungry. Anna Beth’s struggle will pull at your heart strings. The mysterious stranger who shows up to offer help will make you wonder. And what unfolds in this story is what Christmas is all about.

Gale-force winds are howling, and Christmas is only days away. Whose lives will be changed when their stories converge? Will there be a real miracle in Bar Haven this Christmas?

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