Phyllis' Blog

Moments and experiences come and go so quickly, and often we fail to see them for their value in our lives. We don’t take time to ponder them and take a second look at them. I believe to find the wonder in the world, we should be taking a second look at simple things. That’s what I like to blog about – those plain, every-day, nondescript moments that can delight us if we but look.

My New Hero

I met a new hero of mine a couple of weeks ago. My newest hero is not a political figure, nor a high-profile leader, nor anyone that the media would…


Who’s In Your Wake?

“Sailing, sailing, over the ocean blue . . .” You know it’s one of my favorite things to do—I unpack once; I’m entertained; I can read and write all day;…


Looking for My Glasses

One of the tenets in my philosophy of life includes this: I came into this world a brunette, and I will leave this world a brunette – that is –…



For those of you who know me well, you would know that I am a very curious person, and I spend time pondering things, simple things mostly. And next to…