Freedom of the Song


The scent of change has swirled around Caroline Carlyle for months. No way could she have anticipated the new direction her life would take after she played her first recital at Rockwater and her introduction to Roderick Adair. She has finally shed the heavy shackles of grief and rediscovered her heart’s song. Her life is full of fresh inspiration and hope once again.

But just as she begins to experience this freedom, Caroline learns that secrets are swirling around her new friends. Gretchen and her granddaughter, Bella, a rare musical savant, are carrying painful burdens of their own and share a dark, hidden past—more dangerous and complex than Caroline could have imagined. Caroline’s simple life suddenly becomes complicated. Surprising circumstances irretrievably set things in motion compelling Caroline to guide Bella’s introduction to the world.

A beating, a birth, dangerous threats, dark secrets, a runaway daughter’s reappearance, and surprising discoveries all occur while Caroline’s loyalty to Bella grows and her feelings for Roderick Adair blossom. Can Caroline help Bella and Gretchen find the same freeing power of love to break the hold of secrets and oppression?

Roderick invites Caroline, Gretchen and Bella to Rockwater, his Kentucky estate, for a Christmas holiday recital. Could it be at Rockwater they find they’re on the brink of brand new lives as they celebrate Christmas under a full Kentucky moon?

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