Springtime of the Song


Will springtime ever come?

For nearly seven years, Caroline had settled for a small-town, simple life as a single woman and Moss Point’s music teacher. But when Gretchen Silva, grandmother of a rare musical savant, and Roderick Adair, an international business tycoon, stepped into Caroline’s life, her real music returned and her monotonal gray life flashed with color. Press conferences. Romance. Transcontinental travel. A major move. A life-threatening kidnapping. And the marriage of her dreams.

No longer rebounding from a cascade of crises, Caroline should be settling into life as Roderick’s wife in her new palatial Kentucky home of Rockwater. But she is confused by uncertainties and a familiar uneasiness, wondering if she will ever be settled. She fears that new vexing issues will replace the old ones. Roderick is working unusually long hours and becoming more secretive about his business, only hinting that their lives are about to change. Can she handle more change?

And now clouds of worry over Gretchen are gathering. Just when Gretchen has settled happily at Duke University with Bella, her savant granddaughter, her fears resurface. Mysterious and disturbing calls. A visitor from her homeland of Austria. As Gretchen’s confidant, Caroline is apprehensive. Will Gretchen ever be able to escape her troubled past?

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