The Christmas Portrait Surprise

What life-altering surprises will make this Christmas the one Kate would never forget?

Young Kate’s life has been a series of painful adjustments following the heartbreaking death of her mother. Her memories of Christmastime and its traditions brought comfort, but all that changed when Kate’s father married Evie, who came with her own ideas about celebrating Christmas. Granny Grace has always been there to help carry on the sacred family traditions, but she has decided to leave.

Grappling with her anger and disappointment, Kate has no idea the surprises this Christmas would bring. The unexpected visit from the mysterious and elusive Mr. Josh. The redbird’s appearance just when Kate needed her. The search for a lost boy during a snowstorm. The startling discovery in Granny’s barn, a discovery that would change their lives. Unexplained footprints in the snow. But the biggest surprise comes on Christmas Day with the unexpected images in the family Christmas portrait.

The story is told by Young Kate and Granny Grace, the family matriarch who has been the glue holding the family together for the last few years of grief and change. The raw emotion is gripping as Kate and Granny, though three generations apart, discover that sadness and joy can reside in the same heart. You’ll be wrapped up in a warm blanket of Christmas spirit with this story that is sprinkled with a bit of mystery, a whole lot of Christmas spirit and traditions, and several surprises.

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