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Moments and experiences come and go so quickly, and often we fail to see them for their value in our lives. We don’t take time to ponder them and take a second look at them. I believe to find the wonder in the world, we should be taking a second look at simple things. That’s what I like to blog about – those plain, every-day, nondescript moments that can delight us if we but look.

What was waiting at home!

Bill and I have returned from an autumn trip with friends up through North Texas, Arkansas and Missouri. You do that when you live in South Texas and desperately need to see a change of seasons. And while we were traveling, not only were we reminiscing and telling new tales, we celebrated two birthdays.  …



Today is a day that I’ll remember as long as I have memory. I had the great privilege of doing something this morning that previously had only entered my wishful thinking and my hope-so-maybe-one-day daydreams. I started my day by signing my name to a five-book contract with Gilead Publishing for books to be released …


Garden Wherever You Are

It’s mid September, and the house is decked out for autumn, and our garden is growing and going strong. When we moved from the city out to the Texas Hill Country, I assumed our gardening days were over. And frankly, I didn’t mind that thought for a while — no more weeding, pruning, staying ahead…



On occasion, I pull out a blog I’ve posted before, dust it off and frame it with a different opening and closing simply because it seems appropriate. This morning is one of those times. When I wrote this blog last August, I was just a few weeks away from finishing this book. Now you may…


Flag-Waving Freedom

Our flag at the Nichols’ Nest is waving in the breezes this morning. While it waves, I can hear “The Star Spangled Banner,” “America the Beautiful,” “The Battle Hymn of the Republic, and “God Bless America.” (Musicians are like that – every scene has its own soundtrack.) As we celebrate the birth of our nation…


Do You Need Swaddling?

Are you as dumbfounded as I am at some of the recent commercials on television? (I will not even mention what makes the news.) And the commercials are so clever that sometimes I’m not even sure what they’re advertising! I tend to prefer ads with children or ads with the more direct approach like that…